lexperts.ru – helps lawyers and people who need legal assistance to find each other

1. How to become lawyer on lexperts.ru?

Firstly, you have to register on the website, provide respective information about yourself, submit a list of documents, that are required for the verification procedure and to pass a few tests.

Secondly, lexperts will review your application, within three days. Based on results you will receive an e-mail with instructions for further actions.


  • 1 Register in lexperts.ru
  • 2 Choose section «I am lawyer» on the bottom of the page
  • 3 Upload required documents and pass the tests
  • 4 After verification procedure you will receive yours results and further instructions by email
  • 5 Click on «Performer settings» and upload additional information about yourself (diplomas, certificates and etc.)
  • 6 Choose «Find Task» and start to earn money being home

2. The reasons you should work with lexperts

  • We will not surprise you saying that it became harder for lawyers to attract new clients. Let us do it for you! So you can spend more time on legal practice.
  • lexperts service allows you to earn money independently, not being distracted by client searching. We will do it for you! All you have to do is to be professional, responsible and willing to help!
  • With the help of lexperts you can find associates for your tasks, exchange messages with other lawyers and even create your own online/virtual law firm. You don't have to pay 70 or 80 % of your earnings to your boss! Work where and when you want to!

3. Tasks types on lexperts:

Free Task

If a lawyer responds to «Free Task», he/she gets double points to profile rating and also a chance to have a good deal and help people free of charge

Generally, Free Tasks are simple and does not require a lot of time and effort

Thank you in advance!

Consultation with «Safe Deal»

Communication with the client and all payments are controlled by lexperts. Clients’ money are «frozen» until the task is fully completed and the client is satisfied with the result. Later legal adviser will get the reward. «Safe Deal» does not allow you to share contact information with the clients, for such actions web site administration can block your account. In addition, lexperts administration can’t guarantee that you will receive your reward.

Consultation with «Work Directly»

Communication with the client and all transactions occurs directly. Via chat you may ask for the clients contact information in order to continue to work with him/her. The client pays directly to the legal adviser, without the service of website.

lexperts.ru acts as an information platform and is not responsible for transactions executed directly. Pay attention! You can determine the price for the task by yourself while submitting the order.

4. Withdrawing money

  • All money goes on your personal bank account. Do not forget to include all relevant information of your bank account on the website.

5. Packages

  • «1 day» package- 1 day access that allows to work directly with the clients, accept Tasks for telephone consultation and also to participate in express consultation
  • «1 Month» package - allows to work with clients directly, participate in telephone consultations and express consultations. This package is recommended for companies.
  • «1 Year» package - allows to work with the clients directly, share personal contact information, receive personal messages from clients, provide consultations via phone and participate in express consultations. Moreover, it opens all service functions for law firms.
  • «Premium messages» package – allows to read and reply on personal messages received from clients directly
  • «Client flow» package – allows to show your personal contact information (e mail, phone number, Skype) to all registered clients and lawyers

Packages table

6. Search for tasks

Service allows to search for new task according to a criteria list – category of law, city and by the types of deals («Safe Deal» or «Work Directly»). To use service follow the link bellow

7. Detailed description of status

What can you do without paid statuses? Without status you can:

  • Exchange messages with lawyers
  • Apply and complete tasks throw «Safe Deal»
  • Form your personal account
  • Complete free online tasks
  • With « Premium Status» you can open additional service capabilities!

«1 day» package:

  • Work with clients directly
  • Accept orders for consultation via phone
  • Participate in express consultations

«1 month» package

  • Gives opportunity to work with clients directly
  • Accept orders for consultation via phone
  • Participate in express consultations
  • Create your personal company and work for it

«Premium messages» package

  • Package provides 1 month access
  • Allows to read and reply personal messages from clients, that you receive directly

«Client flow» package

  • Package provides 1 month access
  • Allows to show your personal contact information (e-mail, phone number, Skype) to all registered clients and lawyers

«1 Year» package

  • Allows to work directly with the clients
  • Share personal contact information
  • Receive personal messages from clients
  • Provide consultations via phone
  • Participate in express consultations
  • Create companies and all service functions for law firms.

Packages table

1. Placement of the task.

  • Describe the service you need;
  • Choose «Safe Deal» (lexperts is responsible for security of a payment and result of the work) or «Work Directly» (transactions with chosen specialist are processing without involvement of the website);
  • Sign in by your e-mail login and password
  • Choose legal adviser you prefer and accept the offer

2. Choosing a lawyer.

  • After you place an order you will see a list of our specialists who fits your request
  • «Safe Deal» option (option where the payment is secured by lexperts) requires the client to fun the account in the amount equal to the amount of the price for the task
  • «Work Directly» option don't oblige you to put any funds to your account. Choosing «Work Directly» you bear the risks associated with payment and receipt of the result by yourself

3. Payment for the result.

  • Check the result, if you are satisfied, leave a comment and accept the work
  • The payment WILL BE automatically withdrawn from your account and transferred to a lawyer (if the «Safe Deal» option is selected);
  • You can always download the attached file to the task from your personal account
  • With options «Work Directly» and «Free Task» money is not debited from the account.

4. Service guarantee.

  • lexperts guarantees full refund if the task was not done
  • In case of disputes lexperts provides Mutual Disclaimer and Arbitration settlement
  • In «Work Directly» option Pravovos does not guarantee accomplishment of the order and refund of costs

Mutual Disclaimer and Arbitration.

Mutual Disclaimer – If a lawyer have not completed the task in full or the quality was poor, you may set the per cent from full cost that you are willing to pay

Example: The full price for the task was 200 euro, but you rated the final result for 50% of the value. If the lawyer agrees, he will be paid only 100 euros.

Arbitration – If the lawyer does not agree with your estimation of his/her work the case goes to the lexperts administration, and our lawyers will settle the dispute and set percentage of provided service.

5. Work with the chat.

  • Chat allows to communicate with the lawyer safely, accept files from him/her, send tasks to arbitration or mutual disclaimer, receive final result and rate the adviser.

6. Additional service.

  • Additional service on our website provides for the possibility to find a lawyer in particular city with concrete specialization and communicate with him directly, without making a task.

7. Customer Service.

  • Constant support of the administration directly through the chat room for prompt resolution of emerging difficulties.
  • You may call +7 (863) 3332386 or email us at info@lexperts.ru