Выезд за границу с ребенком 1000 ₽

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14.02.19 15:58

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9 months ago


Могу ли я выехать за границу с ребенком без разрешения от бывшего мужа? Ребенок является нашим общим.


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  • Where available, choose a "safe deal” (the security of the money and the task is provided by the site) or "work directly" (paymentss with the lawyer occur without the participation of the site);
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2. Choice of a lawyer

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  • To select a lawyer for a "safe deal” (settlement through the site), you must refill the account for an amount equal to the price of the job
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3. Payment of the result

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4. Guarantee of service

  • lexperts guarantees full refund if the job was not completed.
  • For the resolution of disputes, a mechanism for mutual rejection and arbitration.
  • If the transaction is executed "directly" the service does not guarantee fulfillment of the order and return of funds.

5. Mutual rejection and arbitration

Mutual rejection – the situation when the lawyer performed the task not completely or insufficiently qualitatively. You can set a percentage of the price of a job that you are willing to pay.

EXAMPLE: the price of the assignment was 100 euros, and you evaluated the final result by only 50%, while the lawyer-executive agrees with it, accordingly the performer will receive only 50 euros.

Arbitration – The situation in which the contractor does not agree with your assessment of his work. In this case, the appeal is considered by the administration of the site and our lawyers decide your dispute and determine the percentage of the assignment.

Working with chat

Chat allows you to conduct a secure correspondence with a lawyer, take documents from him, send tasks to arbitration or mutual rejection, take a result and rate the lawyer.

6. Additional Features

The ability to find a lawyer for your task in the desired city or with the right specialization and write to him directly without the need to create a task.

Support service

Constant support of the administration directly through the chat room for the prompt resolution of emerging difficulties.

7. Support service

Constant support of the administration directly through the chat room for the prompt resolution of emerging difficulties.

You may call +7 (863) 3332386 or write to us info@lexperts.ru

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